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Claims Against Child Abuse In Sports Clubs

Child Abuse claims against sports clubs

Giving your children the opportunity to take part in sports is something that many parents are happy to do, but unfortunately, there’s a more sinister side that definitely is not at the forefront of our minds when we sign them up. 

Sports clubs are key parts of growing up for children, giving them ample opportunities for growth and independence.

Unfortunately, there are people willing to take advantage of these situations that find children without their parents and in a trusting environment. 

Grooming and child abuse in sports clubs might not be something that we want to think about, but the reality is it does happen, and we are here to help those survivors seek justice and support them through a civil claims process in order to claim compensation against a sports club and move forward with their lives. Of course, money isn’t going to erase what has happened, but it gives survivors the chance to take some power back and seek a form of justice. 

Why Child Abuse Happens In Sports Clubs 

The abusers often take advantage of the fact that they’re in a position of power, trust or responsibility. They then use this to manipulate the children into believing that what is happening to them is ok, that they shouldn’t tell anyone, believe that doing this will make them a greater player, or that doing these things will help them build a career from their chosen sport. 

Claim Compensation For Sports Club Abuse

It’s hard to determine the amount of compensation that you could receive for sports club abuse without knowing the details of your case. However, we can give you an estimate of the figure once we’ve had a meeting. 

We understand that this money isn’t going to help you forget what happened, but it can give you a sense of justice, and this compensation could be just the thing to help you move forward with your life. 

Compensation can be claimed for the physical and psychological pain that you suffered as a result of the abuse. As well as this, it can also be possible to claim for a loss of past or future earnings, if you suffered mentally as a result of the abuse. Under these special damages, it’s also possible to claim for any counselling you might have paid for to help deal with the trauma of what happened. 

Time limits for compensation on historical abuse claims against sports clubs 

Speaking about abuse that has happened can be a daunting prospect and it may take years for survivors to come forward. Whilst there are time restrictions set out for claiming compensation in these cases, there are some exceptions that can be made. Therefore, if you have suffered abuse whilst at a sports club or in that sort of environment then please get in touch with our specialist solicitors who can talk through your case and determine whether you are able to make a claim for compensation against the sports clu.