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Claims against individuals

abuse claims against individuals

Making an abuse claim against an individual might seem like a hugely daunting task, but here at TDP Solicitors we can offer you support and advice along the way to ensure that you get the justice that you deserve. 

How we can help you get justice for abuse carried out by individuals

Abuse survivors want and deserve justice. Justice can mean different things to different people, as well as their own certain circumstances. A lot of the time this justice can mean compensation, and while it won’t erase what has happened it can certainly provide a stepping stone for moving forward with your life. 

Compensation for abuse survivors is carefully calculated, and whether you suffered financial abuse, physical, sexual or emotional abuse at the hands of an individual, this compensation is designed to help put you in a situation that’s ready to move on from what has happened previously and get on with your life with how you intended before the abuse began. 

Getting justice for the abuse carried out by individuals is more than just compensation though, through our case you may also get an investigation to find out what happened to you, therapy to help you both physically and mentally, an apology from the individual and recognition from a number of different parties of the pain that you suffered. 

Will the individual abuser need to be convicted? 

Your abuser will not need to be convicted for you to receive compensation for abuse at the hands of an individual. This is because your abuse claim is considered a civil case, and you will only need to prove that it was more probable than not that your abuser was responsible for what happened to you. 

However, it’s important to note that when it comes to a CICA compensation claim, you might not be able to claim compensation unless you help with a criminal prosecution of your abuser. 

Are there time limits when it comes to abuse compensation claims? 

There are time limits in place when it comes to making compensation claims relating to abuse by an individual. However, due to the nature of the crime it can take years for survivors to be willing to speak about what has happened to them. The law has therefore been adapted for these certain situations. TDP Solicitors are experts in this area of the law, so we will be able to advise as to whether or not you are able to move forward with your claim for abuse compensation. Just get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your case. 

Can I claim compensation if my abuser has died? 

Yes it is possible to claim compensation if your abuser has died. However it’s not exactly straightforward, so it’s important that you speak to us directly regarding this situation and we’ll determine whether it is possible for you to claim abuse compensation in these circumstances. 

Starting a claim for abuse compensation against an individual 

As your solicitors we will determine who your claim for compensation should be against. In the case of claiming against an individual, we will investigate their financial situation to determine whether or not they are able to pay your compensation. 

If this isn’t possible we may advise that the best course of action of action is to make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). We are here to help you in any way that we can, so get in touch today and we’ll take the steps necessary to help you move on with your life.