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What Can You Claim?

In this country we have two systems for our courts. 

The first is the criminal courts where an abuser would be prosecuted and sentenced accordingly.

Many cases of child abuse end up with the abuser quite rightly receiving long periods of detention in prison.

There is then the civil court system which is where any child abuse claim would ultimately be brought. 

If a prosecution has been successfully brought through criminal courts then there is no need to prove that the abuse took place and the only determination a court would have to make is whether or not the survivor is entitled to compensation. 

TDP Solicitors can pursue your claim for compensation for the injuries you have suffered at the hands of an abuser. 

This can include compensation for both psychological and physical injuries. 

A claim for loss of earnings can also be brought for any loss of earnings both in the past and the future and also for medical treatment costs. This can be for both psychological and physical treatment. This claim is called a claim for special damages.

This treatment can be available on the NHS, however due to the overburdened NHS it is not usually readily available and as such we will claim the private costs of any such treatment. 

Awards of compensation vary differently between each individual survivor and once we have looked into your case and the effects it has on you then we would be able to be in a better position to advise you as the likely sum of compensation that you would receive.