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How it Works

Once you have contacted TDP Solicitors you choose the lawyer that deals with your case. 

You decide whether you would prefer a male or a female lawyer. 

If the police have been involved in your case then we will write to the police force that dealt with it and obtain all of your statements and records. 

This avoids you having to reiterate events that have already been well documented previously.

The police records are extremely detailed and will allow us to put together a frame work of key dates and events so that we may then get an accurate timeline. 

We will then obtain your records from the necessary departments which may include the social services, schools, medical records etc. 

Once we have all of the necessary information we will then send a letter of claim to the abuser or organisation where they worked and ascertain their insurance details. 

At the same time we will have you medically examined so that we have a report that can be used for the purposes of obtaining your compensation. 

A period of negotiation normally follows, with either the insurers or their lawyers, and hopefully a fair settlement is put forward. 

If no settlement is put forward then court proceedings will be issued to force the insurers to make an offer of settlement. 

The offer of settlement will then be discussed with you, your barrister and us. 

If we feel that the settlement being offered is acceptable then we will advise you of this. 

We can then help you set up a trust so that any compensation you receive does not affect any benefits that you may be receiving.