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Institutional Abuse Claims

Institutional abuse claims

TDP Solicitors are here to help you bring an institutional abuse claim for the abuse that you suffered whilst in an institution that was supposed to keep you safe. 

Children, vulnerable adults and older people are placed in different institutions in a bid to keep them safe and supported, yet there are people willing to take advantage of these situations and fail to provide the care needed or abuse their position of trust within the setting they’re in. 

What is institutional abuse? 

An institution is a place that is outside the home designed for people who need support, such as children’s homes, care homes, hospitals, etc. Institutional abuse sees these vulnerable people being mistreated by individual people or the system that is designed to give them care. 

Institutional abuse can take on many different forms, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect or psychological abuse. There are many different reasons why it may happen too. Obviously abusive individuals may take advantage of their powerful positions to abuse children and vulnerable adults, but it may also come down to a lack of training for staff, management that isn’t adequately doing their job or even a closed culture. 

If you know of institutional abuse that is happening in the present then it’s important that you report it to the police, because the quicker this is done an end can be brought to what is happening. 

If the institutional abuse that happened to you or a loved one was in the past, then here at TDP Solicitors we can help you get some form of justice by bringing a claim of compensation for what has happened. Whilst this won’t erase the past, the compensation could be a new beginning for you and give you financial security to get help you might need. 

The responsibility of institutions

Institutions have a responsibility to care for the residents that they inhibit, they must protect them from harm, as well as creating a comfortable and supportive environment for them to live in. 

Whilst there are many institutions that work hard to ensure this is the case, there are places that fall under the radar and cases of abuse occur. 

In these establishments, the staff members are failing to provide the protection and care that their residents need, and sometimes this results in an abuse of power and trust. 

Whilst there are numerous safeguarding measures in place today to protect children and vulnerable people, this hasn’t always been the case, and people have suffered abuse as a result. 

How to make an institutional abuse claim 

If you are a survivor of a form of abuse carried out in an institution, such as a care home, a school or a church, then we are here to help ensure that you get the justice you deserve, along with any support you may need. 

Whilst compensation might not be at the forefront of you getting justice, it may be that your abuser escapes criminal prosecution and making a civil claim might be the only option to bring closure to what has happened to you. Our specialist abuse claims solicitors are here to help you in any way that we can. Get in touch today and we’ll discuss the details of your case and what is the best option moving forward with our confidential and free legal advice. 

How do I pay for an institutional abuse claim? 

Here at TDP Solicitors, we offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement. So there’s nothing to pay unless you win your compensation claim.