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There are numerous charities and organisations, some good and some better than others which we can point you in the direction to offer you support. 

All of our lawyers have been handpicked and trained to provide you with support in these sensitive cases. 

As part of your claim we will also seek to recover the costs of private health treatment which will hopefully assist you in your recovery. 

For psychological injuries this may take the form of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which is talking therapy that can assist you in managing the problems that you may suffer as a result of your abuse.  This treatment is provided by a psychologist. 

You may also be recommended for eye movement desensitization reprogramming (EMDR) this is a psychotherapy treatment which is now becoming more widely recognised in the treatment of child abuse claims. 

Whatever level of abuse you have suffered and the injuries you have suffered as a consequence can be talked through with your lawyer and they will recommend the most appropriate place for support.