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Types of Claims

Unfortunately abuse can take many forms. 

Historical abuse is when a person was abused when they were under the age of 18. 

It does not matter whether the abuse took place once or occurred on many occasions. 

Abuse is abuse. 

It also does not matter whether the abuse took place last month, last year or 60 years ago. 

A compensation claim for child abuse can be brought against an individual, group of individuals or an organisation like a school, a member of the church or sports clubs etc. 

Unfortunately history tells us that where an abuser has access to a child then abuse will take place. 

We have successfully brought claims against all types of individuals and organisations. 

A child abuse claim brought through TDP Solicitors is essentially a civil claim brought through the civil courts for damages. This means that the abuser has to pay you an agreed sum of money.

In most cases we are involved with there has been a criminal prosecution of the abuser or if the abuser has died there was good evidence that abuse had taken place. 

Even if there was no prosecution then you can still claim against your abuser. 

Every case of abuse is, of course, unique and our lawyers will talk to you about your individual circumstances. 

There is no upfront charge to you for bringing these types of cases as we operate all of our cases on a no win, no fee basis. 

Unlike some firms of solicitors there is no requirement for you to pay any monies or for you to obtain legal aid which can be timely and costly. 

Your individual lawyer will discuss this with you further. 

Types of Claims

Claims for historic abuse: Historic abuse is abuse that occurred when the individual is under the age of 18. The abuse can have happened one year or 50 years ago.

Claims against foster carers: Foster carers are supposed to be a safe place for vulnerable children, however they’re also the perfect place to prey upon those children. We can help you make a claim against a foster carer.

Claims against children’s care homes: We are here to help ensure that some form of justice is served to those who allowed abuse in a children’s care home to happen.

Claims against local authorities: Local authorities should be held accountable for abuse that has happened under their watch, we can help you with this.

Claims against sports clubs: Sports clubs should be a safe environment for children that gives them an opportunity to grow, but some predators will abuse their position of power over young children.

Claims against swimming clubs: If you were manipulated and groomed by a person in power at your swimming club then we are here to help.

Claims against youth clubs: Make a claim for compensation against a youth club, and gain some control over what has happened to you.

Claims against individuals: Do you want to ensure that the individual who carried out the abuse on you is brought to justice? Then we can help by claiming against them directly.

Claims against the scouts/brownies: Children should feel safe and happy in places like the Scouts or Brownies, yet there are people willing to abuse their power and groom children in these situations.

Claims against the Cadets: The Ministry of Defence should be held accountable for any abuse that was carried out on children whilst they should have been enjoying themselves whilst at the Cadets.

Claims against schools/colleges: Schools and colleges are designed to help enrich children’s lives, but people are willing to impact a child’s whole life by abusing them in these settings. We can help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for suffering through these horrible acts.

Claims against the Church: Hold the Church accountable for abuse that is carried out by their priests, vicars and other religious leaders.

Claims against institutions: Institutions are designed to help children and vulnerable people feel safe, but it’s not always the case and as a result there are times when abuse occurs. We can help ensure that justice is brought to the people who let this happen.

Claims against elderly care homes: Elderly care homes are supposed to help the old and frail live out their days in comfort and safety. Yet their vulnerable state means people can abuse this situation and wreak havoc with people’s lives.