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Scouts Honor on Netflix: Chilling Accounts of Child Sex Abuse

What is Scouts Honor on Netflix?

As revealed in the documentary ‘Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America’ on Netflix, more than 82,000 former Boy Scouts came forward in 2020 with chilling accounts of child sex abuse. 

Scouts Honor on Netflix sheds light on the distressing truth behind the institution’s century-long legacy. The documentary reveals that despite its moral image, the Boy Scouts of America faced bankruptcy in February 2020, followed by over 82,000 claims of child sex abuse by former Scouts, spanning generations and locations nationwide. 

Directed by Brian Knappenberger and executive produced by Orlando von Einsiedel, Scouts Honor on Netflix exposes this troubling reality through survivor testimonies, interviews with whistleblowers, and investigative reporting. 

It confronts the organisation’s alleged cover-up of abuse, amplifying survivors’ voices and advocating for justice. Emotional accounts from survivors underscore the lasting trauma caused by the betrayal of trust, dispelling stigma and emphasising that child sex abuse victims are not at fault.

Have you been impacted by the accounts of child sex abuse in Scouts Honor on Netflix?

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